Spring Break is Here – How to take care of your skin while on Vacay!

February 27, 2020 by Simone Abel, MSN, RN

If you’re a parent who is taking their kids somewhere warm for their spring break vacation, or you are finally treating yourself to that getaway vaca, look no further because the Dermacenter Medical Spa is here to tell you how to keep your skin safe in the sun!

Sure, going on vacation is a blast, and it feels wonderful to soak up all that natural Vit D, but the last thing you want is to come back with more sun spots, freckles, or worse.. a sunburn! To help keep your skin protected while enjoying beach days, we have created a short list of tips to help you coming back relaxed with no sun damage!

Pack a face sunscreen separate from your body sunscreen!

It’s important that you use at least an SPF 30 on your body (in a perfect world you would use SPF 50), but when it comes to your face it is not only important to use SPF 50 but to make sure it has either ingredient: Zinc or Titanium. Having either of these ingredients in your SPF turns your sunscreen into a physical sunblock. Physical sunscreens block both UVA and UVB rays, which not only prevent sunburns but prevents your skin from aging! It’s also important to invest in a good facial sunscreen so that you don’t end up having other issues, like congestion and acne breakouts!

Our favorite products we carry are Epionce Tinted SPF 50 and GLO Tinted SPF 30. We love the tinted SPF, because it gives you a nice glow at the beach without having to wear make up!

Reapply your sunscreen!

Make sure you are reapplying your sunscreen at least every two hours (more often if you go into the water). Water is reflective, and can put your skin at a higher risk of getting burned. By reapplying your sunscreen at least every two hours, you can prevent your skin from getting burned!

Your moisturizer that has sunscreen in it is not good enough!

When you really think about what your moisturizer is doing for you (penetrates your skin to moisturize), and what your sunblock is doing for you (sits on your skin acting like a barrier to protect you from the sun). Ask yourself, how can one product be doing both effectively!? Exactly, it can’t!! Make sure your sunblock is separate from your moisturizer, and should be the last thing that goes on your face, prior to your make up!

Buy yourself a fabulous new hat

Not only are big hats in this season, but talk about skin protection!! Not only will you look glamorous on the beach, but your face will thank you!

What happens if you end up with sun spots on your face?

We can remove sunspots, freckles, age spots with a laser treatment called IPL. Before getting this treatment, you need to make sure you do not have tan skin when you get this treatment done. You must have been out of the sun for at least 4 weeks, not be on any photosensitizing medications, and not have used any retinol type products in the past week. Our consultations are free, so give us a call at 215-735-7990 or stop by the front desk to schedule your consultation today!


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