“We can all benefit from obtaining and utilizing a greater psychological skill set. We can learn how to adapt better and how to be proactive as well as reactive in our journey through life.”

We understand the stress women face today as they juggle family, careers and illnesses on top of the everyday changes in our daily lives. We offer a variety of Emotional Well-Being Services, each designed to meet the specific needs associated with the progressive stages in women’s lives. At the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™ we can help women approach life’s changes with confidence.

Emotional Well-Being Services at Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center offer the best in emotional support and psychology with conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia.

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Emotional Well-Being Services

Emotional Well-Being at the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™ of Philadelphia offers a variety of Emotional Well-Being Services tailored to each client’s unique personal needs.

To inquire about additional emotional well-being packages, please call the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center at (215) 735-7992.

Prenatal Emotional Well-Being Package

Your body and life are in transition. As your pregnancy progresses, you will experience many changes in preparation for motherhood. Our psychologist will help ease this transforming stage of life.

Postpartum Emotional Well-Being

The immediate weeks and months following the birth of your child are joyful, magical and challenging. Learn how to cope with the stresses of motherhood, the dilemma of returning to work, and the adjustment from a couple to baby-makes-three. Our staff psychologist has developed a program designed to teach you how to effectively manage stress, better understand your emotions and help you enjoy your new baby.

Mature Life Management

As we grow older not only do we experience physical changes, but emotional and psychological ones as well. Managing chronic illnesses and disability of your own or your loved ones is difficult.  This package will not only enable you to adapt to life’s changes, but it will also incorporate early detection methods for cognitive disorders. Our goal is to enable you to better handle emotional changes and concerns as they appear.

Coping with Stress and Achieving Balance

Life is full of surprises and changes. This package is designed for these moments, instances when we may feel out of control. To help you better manage your stress and find balance, our psychologist will introduce you to a series of tension relieving tools. As no two women experience stress the same, our psychologist will work with you to find the devices which will best fit into your unique situation.

Prenuptial Counseling

It’s not just about the wedding day, it’s also about your future together as a couple.  This package will not only help you cope with the pressure of organizing and planning your wedding, but it will give you the tools for a successful marriage. Our psychologist will work with you and your partner to provide guidance for this new chapter in your life by teaching you new skills to help strengthen your relationship.

Relationship Counseling

Relationships with family and loved ones can sometimes suffer from the stress of life changing events. To help you improve or mend your relationships our psychologist will work with you to find the best methods and tools to improve communication and understanding between you and the ones you love.

Courtney Liggera, Psy. D. is a licensed psychologist with nearly ten years of clinical experience. She can help patients cope with a variety of problems including: anxiety, depression, and stress.

Joanne Perilstein, Ph.D. has over thirty years of experience in the field. She can help you to map out your life journey, assess where you have been, and articulate and attain your goals.


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