Preconception consults are recommended for all patients who are trying to become pregnant. During this visit we will review your history, immunizations, medications and social history. We will order labs to assess your blood type, immunity to common infectious diseases, screen for infections, and if you desire, prescribe carrier screening.

  • What are risk factors for infertility?
What are risk factors for infertility?
  • Women who do not get their periods or whose periods are not regular (coming at least every 30-35 days).

  • Women with a history of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or endometriosis.

  • Women with known or suspected uterine/tubal disease. This includes women with fibroids or women who have a history of gonorrhea or chlamydia.

  • Male Infertility: Women whose male partner has a history of groin or testicular surgery, adult mumps, impotence or other sexual dysfunction, chemotherapy and/or radiation, a history of subfertility with another partner or whose male partner has had an abnormal semen analysis.


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Don't forget to contact us first when seeking medical care!
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