Jessica T.


Initially I chose this office because of the positive feedback from friends, the extended weekday and weekend hours, plus the added benefit of having routine gynecology in house. Now I can say this office has saved my life.

When something unexpected happened Dr. Lauren O’Brien saw me as an emergency case (less than 24 hr notice as a new patient).  She set me up with the best neurologist, neurosurgeon, and radiologist at Pennsylvania hospital – even calling ahead for my ER visit. The result?  I was admitted on a weekend through the ER with less than a 10 min wait.

She followed up with me every step of the way (for several months), calling and checking in on me.  Dr. O’Brien even helping me move up my surgery date to avoid the 4th of July weekend.  As standard practice for post-op patients, Ritt Wellness has a nursing service follow up at home.

I can’t say enough about Dr. O’Brien’s expertise, compassion, and availability.  I would absolutely recommend her practice & look forward to visiting for a well checkup in the near future.

Sarah L.


Love this office, the staff, the promptness, efficiency, everything about it. I’ve been 4 times this year for numerous reasons, I’ve never had to wait longer than 10 minutes and the office has overall been extremely helpful and accommodating. I would emphasize the never having to wait over 10 minutes though because I don’t think that’s ever happened to me at a doctor’s office.  I had a billing issue and the finance office has been trying to work it out for me for the past 4 months. The physicians I’ve seen have been extremely helpful, professional, understanding and human. I’m so sad to be moving because this is definitely the best primary care office I’ve had – wish I could take them with me.



I was looking for a primary care office and I happened to find a great one. Dr. Mazzotti and Dr. O’Brien are pleasant, professional, thorough, and understanding. They’re easy to talk to, receptive to questions, and willing to spend time with you.

After living in NY for over 7 years, I got used to the “rude and rushed” appointments (usually rushed after waiting an hour to actually see the doctor). It’s refreshing to know that I now have doctors that I trust and respect. Dr. Mazzotti called me personally with lab results and pleasantly and patiently answered all of my questions. Their online portal is easy to use and effective. Appointments are easy to schedule. The office respects your time and keeps to their schedule. Overall, the best and easiest healthcare experience I’ve had in over a decade.

Gretchen E.


A superb primary care experience. Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center is exceptionally well-run and patient-centered. Scheduling an appointment was a breeze, as they have extended weekend and weekday hours for busy patients. Reasonably priced, much less than other places where I received much worse care.Skillful, attentive staff make sure you get the most out of your appointments. Blood-draws are quick and painless. Wait-time is minimal, even on the busiest days. Most importantly, the physicians are comprehensive and view your holistically. Demonstrated by their integration of traditional and alternative medicine. Patients are provided an online portal where they can view their labs and update scheduling. Optimal service, enabling doctor-patient relationships. I wouldn’t object to putting this place in the ‘spa’ category.



When I moved to Philadelphia this past December, one of my biggest concerns was finding a good OBGYN in a new city, especially coming from an OBGYN in my hometown that I grew increasingly more displeased with over the past few years. After consulting with friends and Yelp (thanks other reviewers!!!!) I picked Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center and made an appointment with Dr. Rowbotham. My experience was wonderful. I had to wait almost two months for my appointment, but it’s going to be the same at any doctor’s office with high demand.

The office felt like a spa when I walked in, so clean, quite and peaceful, unlike any doctor’s office I’d seen before. The assistant who did my initial questionnaire in the office was very nice, and I met with Dr. Rowbotham before the exam to discuss my history and what I wanted from my visit. They had booked me for only a physical exam, but when I said I also needed by OBGYN annual they were quick to accommodate me. Dr. Rowbotham was very nice, explained everything she did during the exam and was quick and efficient, especially with the less enjoyable annual necessities.

What really pushes them to 5 star status is the online patient portal. The original BC script I got at my visit did not work well for me. I used the e-mail tool in the patient portal to contact Dr Rowbotham directly expressing my concerns and within 48 hours I got a response and a new script sent to my pharmacy. The patient portal is a million times better than playing phone tag with the main office line like you do at so many other doctors offices. I would happily recommend Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center to any of my girlfriends.



Best ever! I’ve been here twice in the past month (once for my annual physical and once for my annual GYN) and both times I have been impressed!
Dr. Lauren O’Brien is so personable. She really feels like a friend who cares. She is so detail-oriented and doesn’t ever rush you. She’s quick and efficient too

Her MA is also super nice and tries to converse with you to make you comfortable. The front desk ladies are always welcoming. I’ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes for my appointment to start. I get a reminders before my appointment which is nice as well

This has been the best physician experience I have had so far in my life. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Danielle C.


Five stars on every level! Always feels like more of a spa day than a doctor visit. I am always greeted warmly on the phone and in person, I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for anything and the web portal they give you access to couldn’t be easier. Maria is my doctor and she always gets back to me very quickly, even for non-emergencies. I haven’t tried some of the other services they offer but look forward to them as I love the ease of “one stop shopping.” Really can’t say enough about how pleased I am with RWWC!

Paige O.


WOW. I was absolutely blown away by how wonderful this place is. Dr. Jillan Bellows Rowbotham is honestly the best Doctor I’ve ever been to. She took so much time and patience with me and really showed an interest in helping me. She didn’t just “tell” me things, she actually took the time to explain them.

On top of that, the office staff was very, very friendly and helpful. The entire staff went above and beyond, and the office was very nice, clean, modern, and welcoming. They offer a variety of services and specialties so you can take care of most of your needs in one place! Their website is very helpful and they have evening and Saturday hours as well.

I finally feel like I’ve found a place and a Doctor who cares about ME and MY health, and is not solely focused on time, money, and getting me out of the office so they can see the next patient. It’s tough enough to deal with illness and having to go to the Dr, so the last thing you want to do is spend hours on the phone with less-than-helpful receptionists or billing issues or referrals. This practice seems to finally be a place that won’t cause me more trouble than I am already having by needing to go to the Doctor in the first place. Maybe I won’t absolutely dread going from now on! Very impressed by everything… can’t say enough about Dr. Jillan Bellows Rowbotham!

Amber S.


RWWC is in a convenient location and provides great hours to accommodate any schedule! The frond desk staff is friendly and professional, you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door.  My appointments are a breeze due to the kind, attentive staff and knowledgeable doctors at this practice!

Angela C.


With a chronic illness, finding a PCP often feels daunting. I need someone who can manage the rest of my care, work with my specialist and not cause me any more trouble or time. I’ve been looking for that Dr. for years. Yesterday, I think I found her. Dr. Jillian Bellows Rowbotham spent a lot of time in our initial interview, going over my records, getting the rest of my health care sorted, and doing what a PCP needs to do, but rarely has the time.

She thought of ways to consolidate my lab work with my other doc, helped me prioritize some of the preventative care I have been putting off, and gave me a heads up on combining two procedures I need done.

I am as happy as I can be with my new PCP.

Emmi A.


I started going to RWWC from a recommendation from a friend and can’t be happier.  It’s one of those annual checkups that I used to dread and continued to push off.  Three years later, continued to say I really need to go see a GYN.  The staff and Dr. Rowbatham are amazing and make the whole experience as painless and comfortable as possible.  Everyone is so friendly and really cater to the needs of being a women.  There has been a few times where I needed to reach out to her and she responded almost immediately.  The portal is great!  I hate having to make phone calls because the wait can be excruciating.  It’s really not bad calling into RWWC by the way but I find the portal to be much more efficient.  I just got over a cold but continued to have this lingering cough.  Sent a request into my doctor for a prescription to get rid of this darn cough and she had one sent to my pharmacy the very next day.  I have never said this about any other doctor, but I truly love Dr. Rowbatham.

Another great thing about this place is the wait time.  I can expect to be in and out of this place in half an hour or less from the moment I step my foot into the door to the moment I step out.  My doctor was literally 5 minutes behind and she apologized for being so behind.  I absolutely hate going to the doctors office because I just feel like why make an appointment when I’m going to have to sit here for another half an hour.  Not here.  In and out!

Andrea T.


If you are a new patient you might have to wait a day to get in, but it’s worth the wait.

Their office, which days after a snow storm, was spotless and the girls at the front are very friendly. You can print out the necessary paperwork at home or your office and fill it all out or just plan to arrive early and do it there. After that I just waited a minute, watched the video on the practice, my pic was taken for my profile and then i was whisked back to an examining room.

I met with Jillan Bellows who made me feel normal! I have been having a lot of stress-related illnesses and she was like you are not alone! As a new patient she spent an hour with me getting to know my medical history and my health concerns.

She is the greatest internist I have seen in some ten-fifteen years! I am going back in a few weeks for bloodwork and a pap so I will update!

If you need a new doctor this is the place!

It took me 4 years of living in Philadelphia before I finally began the task of looking for a new general practice, which didn’t prove to be an easy process. I visited several doctors that I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy before stumbling upon RWWC.

I first found RWWC through my insurance company, and decided to stop by because the office is only a block from my house. From my very first visit, I have loved my whole experience with RWWC. The receptionists are friendly and knowledgable. They always returns calls and emails promptly, and always fit you in for an appointment. The office also has convenient hours, with openings on Saturdays if you can’t make it in during the week. This is also one of the most tech-savvy doctors I’ve visited. Through the online portal, you can make appointments, request prescription refills, and ask your doctor questions. They send your prescriptions directly to your pharmacy electronically, so there’s no waiting around for them to be filled after you drop off the slips. If that’s not enough, they also send out a monthly e-newsletter with various health and wellness tips, and usually a special offer for some of their spa or fitness services.

The office itself is always quiet and clean. I appreciate that there are no screaming children running around. I’ve never had to wait more than 15 minutes for my appointment.

Every doctor I’ve seen is friendly and thorough. I never feel like they are rushing me out the door. Dr. Rowbotham asked me a lot of questions about my background and medical history on my first visit, and has been great on subsequent visits as well. My most recent visit included a dermatological procedure that required some stitches, which I was not prepared for. Dr. Bachurina was patient and comforting during the procedure, then called me from her personal phone on a saturday evening just to check up on me and make sure I was doing ok.

The other great thing about this office is how many services they offer. They have regular internal medicine, ob/gyn, dermatology, fitness, nutrition and weight counseling, and spa services.

I am so glad I found this practice and look forward to continuing my care there.

Alex S.


This is the place to go. Period.

No weirdness or annoyingness, everything’s normal. Easy scheduling and check in process. Seeing the doctor was painless. Dr. Jillian Rowbotham is wonderful. I met with her to do a general check up and my annual gynecologist visit. Answered all of my questions, wasn’t pushy or anything (as I saw in some other reviews).  I will continue to see her as long as I’m living in Philly.


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