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The Weight Management Program

We ask that prior to your first appointment, you complete a 3-day food log that you can find and print from the FORMS tab above on the right hand side. We request that this be a real-time log of 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day.


  • An hour long initial visit and half hour follow-ups
  • Personalized daily meal plans
  • Daily communication with our Dietitian
  • Tracking notebook
  • Membership to our practice
  • Pre-approved list of meals from our food partners
  • Achievable goals and results! 

A program built to meet you where you are. 


The first appointment consists of a thorough nutrition assessment, which includes information about your weight history, current and past medical history, family medical history, food allergies or intolerance’s, likes and dislikes, eating, sleeping and exercise habits, past weight loss attempts, emotional and social ties to food and much more. You will leave this appointment with some basic starting guidelines to follow.

We ask that you come in for your first follow-up exactly one week later to talk through the Weight Management game plan. At this appointment, you will receive your personalized daily meal plan based on everything that you and Holly discussed at your initial visit. With this, you will receive a notebook to help you with tracking your intake, and physical activity. As you follow this meal plan and practice your new guidelines, Holly will check-in daily via text (not in replacement of your regularly scheduled appointments) to see how you are doing, see how you are feeling, discuss what struggles you are having, if any, and provide the support that you need to make sure you are working towards success.

The program itself costs $199 and your in-office visits get billed to your insurance so copays may apply. Most plans have some type of nutrition coverage and some cover up to 100% of the visit! Our Dietitian Holly recommends that you visit her in-person anywhere from twice a month to at least once a month. The program does not have a set length and the number of appointments is first based on your insurance plan and coverage.  You get to decide how to make the program work for you. We want to give you as much in-office support as you need. But regardless, you will regularly be in contact with Holly outside of appointments.

The ultimate goal of this program is to get you to the point where you don’t need us anymore, because you’ve not only met your goals, but the changes you’ve made have become your new standard.


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