Healthy Lifestyles

Eat Well, Live Well – The Weight Management Program

We are excited to offer a medically supervised weight loss program. The program’s focus is to provide our patients with the knowledge and skills needed to lose unhealthy weight and keep it off! Our team includes Board Certified Providers, nutritionists, personal trainers, and Licensed Psychologists.

Your Team, Your Program

No one eating plan is correct for everyone, which is why the initial consultation for our Healthy Lifestyles program includes a weight focused history and physical with one of our Board Certified Providers. The information gathered will allow us to recommend the best eating plan for your metabolic type and needs, as well as an outline for a personalized program that is best suited to help you reach your goals. The core program begins with your initial consult, after which you will meet with our provider regularly, as well as with a registered dietitian. Your healthy lifestyles team will work to closely monitor your progress, make as needed adjustments to your core program, and continue to educate you on different healthy concepts for sustainable weight loss. The foundation of the program is providing the correct eating plan and exercise guidelines for life, but may also utilize medications, and supplements to help along the way. Depending on each individual patient’s needs, we may also recommend the services of our psychologists.

Core Program

  • Initial intake meeting with Board Certified Provider
  • Follow-up Assessments with a Registered Dietitian* [Learn More]
  • Regular Follow-ups with board certified provider [Learn More]
  • Program has an initial fee of $199 (does not include co payments with physician or registered dietitian)

Available Additions to Your Core Plan

*May be covered by your insurance provider.
**Will be decided by the physician. Costs are not covered by Program fee, and may vary depending on insurance coverage

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