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The wor(C)k is a lifestyle and mentality.  The copyright logo represents individuals who take ownership to go above and beyond normal measures to succeed.  The wor(C)k does not start at 9 nor end at 5.

With the hectic and stressful demand of work and life today it is hard to reach daily health and fitness goals.  This is the inspiration for wor(C)k meals.  Healthy, fresh, and convenient well-proportioned meals delivered right to your door step weekly.  Their master chef combines quality and creativity in crafting our nutritious and delicious meals.

All meals are organic and gluten free with paleo options.  Everything is USDA certified with full ingredients listed on every label.  Upon cooking everything is immediately flash frozen to ensure freshness, quality, and safety.  Simply heat and eat!  Each individual meal contains 6oz. of protein, 4oz of complex carbohydrates, and 2oz vegetables.  They also offer “protein by pound” for those who are carb conscious.  Try their many creative options such as boneless short ribs, chicken meatballs, or turkey meatloaf!  There are over 10 to choose from with new meals added monthly.

Let wor(C)k meals keep you prepared and on track 24.7.365

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