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Rhythm Babies is here to give young children what they need the most; creative play. “The Atlantic” recently had an article that zeroed in on what children need the most to emerge as successful adults. They need games that do not end in the child winning or losing, but games in which the child learns how to use the mental pathways of their creative mind. Early childhood music classes do just that, and they do it at just the right time in your child’s frontal lobe development.

While enhancing activity in the problem solving and decision areas of the brain, Rhythm Babies classes focus on a music readiness program. This program hones skills such as rhythm, melody, and beat. Our activities and programming follow a curriculum based off of these goals:

Music Appreciation

Every week a new musical theme is introduced to the children along with their favorite creative play activities, giving them a positive outlook on learning through music.

Pitch Recognition

Children are taught to differentiate high pitches from low pitches through song and body movement.

Rhythm Realization

We are all born with a sense of rhythm but don’t quite understand it fully until we connect it through body movement. Teaching movement activities with song allows children to grasp the concept of rhythm. This is why we affectionately call the company Rhythm Babies.

Call and Response

The teacher will relay a rhythm pattern or melody to the children and they learn to repeat it back, strengthening your child’s auditory skills.

Performance Ability

Children are given the opportunity during group classes to sing solo in front of their peers.

Singing and Rhythm Chant

With every class your child will broaden their scope of different nursery rhymes and rhythm chants, strengthening their ability to understand the differences between talking and singing.

What’s Different About Rhythm Babies?

Rhythm Babies owner, Julie Salvano, was trained through the Kodaly Method. The Kodaly Method was first developed in Hungary by Zoltan Kodaly who was appalled by the low quality and lack of music education in early childhood. His writings sparked a conversation on what was really important in their education system. It revolutionized public schools in Hungary and eventually implemented the Kodaly method not only inside the country but outside as well. Kodaly believed in learning music through singing, movement, and listening.

Rhythm Babies utilizes several techniques, such as solfege hand signs, singing folk songs, and movement through music, from the Kodaly Method.

Best Music Program 2015 – Philadelphia Family Magazine

Rhythm Babies Children’s Music Class schedule at several locations, please check online for the latest schedule.

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