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Creative. Attentive. Delicious.

P.S. & Co. is an organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher parve cafe in Philly that will win over even the most diehard cheesesteak and soft pretzel guy or gal.

P.S. & Co. has gluten-free and vegan desserts that are healthy in blueprint and decadent in taste. No multisyllabic additives or peculiar preservatives here: the only things you’ll find in a Pure Sweets treat are carefully curated unrefined ingredients and happiness.

Message from the Owner, Andrea Kyan: “I’ve been consistent about healthy, delicious foods since childhood and was heavily influenced by my Chinese-Burmese upbringing. My mom, aunts and grandmother would prepare banquets for family gatherings. I never realized how lucky I was to be eating so well all the time. When I became a vegetarian in 1993, they didn’t hesitate to prepare tasty plant-based fare for me. As I embarked on the adventure of adulthood, my love of travel, global flavors and meditation led my respect for the nutritive power of food. Upon adopting a vegan lifestyle in 2007, my sweet tooth went through a dry spell until some late night baking experiments began to fill the void. I realized I had an idea that would combine my love of animals, food and wellness into a profession that could help people eat better, live better and experience the perks of a healthful lifestyle. And thus, Pure Sweets was born at the bustling and supportive Philadelphia Whole Foods Summer Markets of 2009. Since developing Pure Sweets, my sweet tooth is no more! Imagine that. No more addiction to sugar or carbs.”

Pure Sweets is the gateway food to training your taste buds to want more of the healthy stuff and less of the “bad”. With the opening of their flagship location – P.S. & Co. – in Rittenhouse Square, they can introduce a world of delicious, savory foods, beverages and classes to help you do the same.

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1706 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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1632 Pine Street
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