Membership at Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center creates the promise of every visit with a board certified provider, longer initial visits, the promise of unhurried care and extended appointment times, prompt email responses sent through our secure patient portal network directly from the doctor or nurse practitioner within 24 hours, and returned phone calls from your provider personally.

The exclusive benefits of your annual membership include your choice of one healthy service each year (choose from a healthly skin care treatment, a fitness session** or nutrition session) as well as discounts on injectables and IV Nutrient Therapy for the entire year. Our members will also receive discounts through our partners which include the most exclusive and finest brands in sporting facilities, dental care, optical care and more.

Our members support our unique healthcare practice by paying a small annual membership fee of $199***

**Fitness sessions for members will be held at neighboring fitness facilities.
***Students with a valid student ID and student e-mail address are guaranteed a discounted fee of $99 each year they enroll as students.

Membership Has Its Healthy Benefits


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