Why Choose RWWC for your Obstetric Care?

February 6, 2019 by Dr. Dana Shanis

Rittenhouse Obstetrics and Gynecology is an exciting new option for obstetrical care in Philadelphia, the only one that offers primary care and obstetrics together. Our program was thoughtfully created from the ground up to offer women an alternative to large university practices.

We offer a unique experience, with longer appointment times, allowing a focus on educating and empowering our patients throughout their pregnancy. From the first intake visit, we provide our patients a resource packet from trusted sources to limit the need for searching online and possibly finding false or harmful information. Our providers incorporate complimentary, evidence-based options to improve the experience, such as using jelly beans for gestational diabetes screening rather than the sugar drink that so many women dread. We also are knowledgeable about support services, such as doulas, an underutilized but valuable resource for women during labor and the postpartum period.

Women in pregnancy often experience non-pregnancy related problems that would be best addressed by a primary care doctor. We are the only obstetrical practice that has primary care doctors that work actively with our obstetrical team and feel comfortable addressing these concerns in a pregnant woman. The combination of providers allows for the most comprehensive and convenient medical care, all under the same roof.

Our practice is also unique in that all our providers and staff are female, which creates a safe, comforting atmosphere. Our providers are very experienced and most have children or are in the process of building their families, allowing us to relate to the challenges of pregnancy for a modern woman. We also have a strong focus on keeping up with current research and recommendations, and have weekly meetings to discuss best practices.

We chose to partner with Jefferson Health given their long-standing history of safe outcomes, including one of the lowest c-section rates in Philadelphia. Jefferson is on the forefront of research related to labor and delivery, and we trust their providers. Together, we have worked hard to coordinate genetics screening and transfers of care, to allow patients to take advantage of their specialists and smoothly transition to their program for delivery.

Our team is so excited that we get to continue to care for our patients during pregnancy and are working hard to give our patients the best experience we can.


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